How can I create a Twitter account?

To create a Twitter account, simply go to and tap the "Sign up" option.

Enter your name and either phone number or email address create a password, and then follow the instructions provided by Twitter. Confirm your twitter account and voila- your account is ready!

Pro Tips for customizing your Twitter account:

  • Keep your Twitter consistent with your real estate brand and other social media channels. Choose a Twitter handle that is either the same or similar to your Facebook business page. Use the same professional photo as your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and simply copy and paste your bio.
  • Be sure to add the URL for your website or PropertySimple profile to your bio, so that visitors can easily click through.

To connect your Twitter to your PropertySimple account, go to your "My Content" tab and tap "Connect Twitter."

Once connected, you can choose the frequency at which we will post to your Twitter by adjusting the slider.

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