How can I edit my video business card?

Agents on PropertySimple's Essentials plan can edit their video business card (VBC) once per month to give it a fresh new look!

How? Simply log in to your account at, go to the "My Brand" tab and click the "Update my Video" button.

Why can't free users update their VBC?

We choose to use the same video creation service as Facebook, Spotify, and Bloomberg to make our data-driven videos high-quality, making it expensive for us to edit and re-generate VBCs. For this reason, we reserve the update feature for customers on our Essentials plan.

Upgrade HERE to Essentials.

 Other features that make upgrading to Essentials a no-brainer:

  • Integrated campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Ability to create Collections
  • An average of 24k views on your content per month
  • Access to handwritten branded articles related to real estate
  • Ability to sync your listings
  • Customization and automatization of your social media marketing campaign
  • A professional profile that works as a unique landing page and is home to all of the above content

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