What are Collections and how do they work?

Collections. What are they?

Collections are curated sets of properties that YOU create from your local market, we share the collections on your behalf to social media. The purpose of collections is to showcase your unique knowledge, and create an opportunity for someone in your network to reach out to you. 

A collection can be as specific a you like. For example: “Top 10 homes under $500,000 in Denver's best school district. ” or more a general topic such as “8 perfect houses for Newly-Weds”.


How do they work?

Watch this video on how to create a collection.

How can collections help you generate new business? 

When you share a collection, all the properties in the collection now share your contact information, including the original listing agent’s. 

This is great way to capture the public’s imagination while making sure you capture the contact info of anyone who wants to learn more about properties in your collection. 

Do you have permission to post other people’s listings?  


PropertySimple is a national property portal, not a local IDX service. We are similar to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and others. As a national property portal we follow a set of rules that are different from local IDX services. We take care of all the compliance and reporting issues on your behalf.  PropertySimple makes sure you and all of the listing agents who syndicate to PropertySimple get more business and follow the rules. 

We have designed a win-win service where listing agents get more exposure and lead, and you get to help prospects find what they are looking for. 


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